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CHEMIRO 909 (Economical RO Antiscalant)

CHEMIRO 909 is a synthetic polymer-based antiscalant used for RO plants. It is effective against chlorides and hardness (upto 900ppm). Free from phosphates and other chelants, it gives excellent results against high silica water (upto 400ppm).


  • Effective in presence of chloride and hardness upto 900 ppm
  • Useful as calcium sulphate inhibitor
  • Excellent scale control for high silica waters upto 400 ppm
  • Free from phosphates and other chelants
  • Non-toxic

Equivalent or even better than the followings:- Permatreat PC 191, Permatreat PC 510, Maxtreat 9001, Maxtreat 9002, Maxtreat 9004, Indion 8111 etc.


pH (as such)

6.0 - 8.0


Clear to Pale Yellow Liquid

Water Solubility

Completely Soluble

Solid Content

33 to 34 w/w

Specific Gravity

1.05 to 1.08

HS Code : 38249022