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filter media


These are naturally occurring, river washed, glacial deposit products. ACURO's fine washed water filter gravel ranges between 2-5mm and is of quartz aggregate. Their prominent chemical properties (high in silica content and low in soluble calcium, magnesium and iron compounds) meet industrial standard specifications. These products are used because of their desirable quality, chemical properties, color, and a wide range of precision sizing. It can be used in municipal, industrial or residential applications for sediment filtration.

Uncrushed Gravel has spherical shape that promotes good flow and even distribution in support beds. Gravel has poor solubility to impurities and it will maintain the quality of the treated water, especially in softeners.

ACURO's water treatment gravel is free of organic and calceous impurities. It is typically used in multi-media filters as the under-bed, or bottom layer of the filter.

Although its density requires high backwash rates, combining fine mesh garnet with other media such as sand and anthracite significantly increases the filtration capacity of a system.


  • Free of organic impurities.
  • Chemical resistance
  • Smooth and rounded or sub-angular grains
  • It is made of hard, insoluble, siliceous material
  • Uniform in size and quartz based with high silica content

HS Code : 25171090