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Corrosion Inhibitors


CHEMCLEAN CX is an organic, cationic, moderately foaming liquid acid inhibitor designed to inhibit the attack of Hydrochloric Acid on Copper, Brass, Iron and steel, during industrial cleaning and pickling operations.

CHEMCLEAN CX inhibitors have been proven superior to other brands in field trials, whether hydrochloric or sulphuric pickling; continuous, push-pull lines or batch. It fulfils all the requirements of a good pickling inhibitor: descaling, high efficiency, durability, rinsability, reduced acid consumption, fume reduction ad uniformly pickled surfaces.


Refineries, Power Plants, Pulp and Paper Processing, Petrochemical Plants, Chemical Plants, Water Treatment, Cracking Towers, Steam Generation Units, Continuous Digesters, Cooling & Process Towers, Heat Exchangers, Pumping Stations, Mining, Strip lines, Food Equipments, Metal Surface Treatment etc.


  • Does not salt-out, hence is always in solution form
  • During cleaning gives uniform & total protection
  • Does not stain metal surfaces
  • Gives protection to any type of steel, copper, brass up to 120°C
  • Is completely miscible with water and acids
  • Provides a high degree of restraining action to the attack of hydrochloric acid on base steel
  • Does not retard the descaling rate of oxides on steel surfaces
  • Wetting properties allow a uniformly pickled surface, free from smut or ingrained scale
  • Reduced hydrogen evolution at the solution/steel interface reduces hydrogen embrittlment
  • Stable in pickling solutions for extended time periods at elevated temperatures without losing inhibiting action



Product Function


Antiscalant for cooling water


Scale and corrosion inhibitor for cooling tower

HS Code : 38249022