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iron removal media


Surface and potable water often contains trace amounts of Iron/Manganese/Arsenic. These minerals are detrimental to human health. Also, water for industrial and domestic uses must be substantially iron and manganese free. They often contaminate the surfaces in contact by staining or corroding them. Manganese Dioxide serves to be an excellent iron removal media used for this purpose. It is an inorganic compound made from a naturally occurring mineral called Pyrolusite. Pyrolusite is a natural manganese ore known for its high catalytic activity.

Manganese dioxide uses the process of catalytic oxidation to remove iron/manganese/arsenic and other heavy metals. Here, the process of oxidation is solely governed by the pH of Water to be treated. Chemically, manganese does not easily oxidize by aeration until pH reaches 8.3, also the retention time required to oxidize iron increases as the pH decreases. An advantage of MnO2 filtration is that Fe and Mn ions that remain in solution are catalytically precipitated and then adsorbed directly on the MnO2 present on the media bed. Most of the manganous manganese collects on the first few inches of the media where it is further oxidized to manganese dioxide. For arsenic removal processes, arsenic is co-precipitated with the iron onto MnO2 media as ferric arsenate.

This same process works to precipitate and convert hydrogen sulfide gas to water and precipitated sulfur. During backwash, adsorbed manganese, iron, arsenic and precipitated sulfur are expelled as are insoluble ferric hydroxide particulate growths.

ACURO's grade of Manganese Dioxide is free from contamination and other additives. Moreover, the Manganese content varies between 55-85% as MnO2, but catalytic activity is independent of the manganese content. It requires regeneration by KMnO4 periodically.


  • Fe/Mn/H2S reduction over wide pH range.
  • Excellent Fe/Mn/H2S removal efficiency.
  • Works over a varied temperature range.
  • No harmful effects from chlorine feed.
  • Low attrition loss.
  • Long material life.
  • Economically advantageous.



Black/brown Granules

Bulk Density (kg/m3)


Specific Gravity


Melting Point (°C)


Molecular Weight (gm/mol))



3-4 moh

Manganese Content



  • Removal of Arsenic, Iron, Manganese, and heavy metals from potable water and water intended for bottling, brewing or soft drink manufacturing.
  • Manufacturing or fabricating bacterio-static water filter products.
  • For home use, cartridges, potable water, and beverage water.
  • Prevents stains on bathrooms & kitchen fixtures.
  • For all industrial/municipal water treatment use.

HS Code : 28201000