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Swimming Pool Chemicals


As disinfectant, SDIC can be used in hygiene and disease control, medical treatment, livestock farming, agriculture and plant protection, etc, such as disinfect drink water, industrial water, dishware, swimming pools, livestock, poultry, fishes and environment disinfection as well as regular and preventative contagion disinfection.

SDIC can also be used in shrink resistance, weaving and bleaching of wool, algae removing for industrial circulating water, and chlorination of rubber.

SDIC is harmless to people, and is well accepted in both domestic and international market.

Handling :

Keep the container closed when not in use. Store in cool, dry and well-ventilated area, away from fire and heat. Use dry, clean clothing when handling TCCA. Avoid breathing dust, and do not bring in contact with eyes or skin. Wear rubber or plastic gloves and safety glasses.

Packing :

SDIC is available in 50 kg HDPE drums (for powder, granular and tablets)


Chemical Name

Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate



Molecular Weight



White Powder, Granules or 20 gm Tablet

Effective Chlorine

58.0% - 62.0%

pH (1% soln)

6 to 7


4.0% max.


At 25°c

Completely Soluble

in Water

HS Code : 28061000