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activated carbon


The palletized carbon is a cylindrical-shaped carbon made from a carefully selected grade of coal. It is palletized under rigidly controlled conditions using a high quality binder. This activated carbon possesses high mechanical strength and lends itself well to numerous cycles of regeneration. Its shape offers a low flow resistance.


Activity - CCI4 (ASTM-D-3467)

Minimum 60%

AM-pparent Density (ASTD-2854)

Typical 0.48 gm/cc

Hardness (MIL-C-17605B)

Typical 97

Moisture as Packed (ASTM-D-2867)

Maximum 5%

Ash (ASTM-D-2866)

Maximum 5%

Surface Area (BET)

Typical 1050 m2/gr

Pore Volume

Typical 0.70 cc/gm

Specific Heat at 15°C

0.65 - 0.75

HS Code : 38021000