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RADIX 39 (High pH RO Antiscalant)

RADIX 39 is a high pH RO antiscalant suitable for controlling the decomposition of inorganic scales. It provides excellent result even in the presence of chlorine and hardness upto 1000ppm. It is useful as a calcium sulfate inhibitor and is non-toxic in nature.


  • Effective in presence of chlorine and hardness upto 1000ppm
  • Effective calcium carbonate dispersion in presence of higher pH upto (10) and alkalinity (upto 750)
  • Excellent Scale control for high silica waters upto 150ppm
  • Non-tosix


pH (as such)

9.5 to 10.5


Pale Yellow Liquid

Water Solubility

Completely Soluble

Solid Content

33% to 34% w/w

Specific Gravity

1.10 to 1.12

HS Code : 38249022