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filter media


Silex Filter Media is made from pure quartz ground to 2-3 mm particle size. It is inert to acids, alkalies & chemicals and gives good abrasion resistance. Due to its various properties it is used in water filtration process.

ACURO's high quality silex is used in water filtration and water treatment applications. It is white in color and free from any impurities and matches the highest standards. It is used as an under-bed for ion exchange and carbon filters.

Our range of silex sand has a crystalline structure and excellent whiteness and brightness. It is widely used in various applications like Industries, Municipal and Households.


  • Less than 0.5 % acid solubility
  • It is virtually free from silts and has consistent uniformity
  • Premium silica sand with lower backwash rate
  • Significant amounts of time and water is saved in the start-up backwash cycle through reduced initial backwash cycles
  • Processed (washed, dried, and screened) to meet exact specifications


  • Used in water filtration process in industries, municipalities and households.
  • Used as an under-bed for ion exchange and carbon filters.

HS Code : 25171090